Mass creation of Toodledo tasks in iOS using Workflow and Drafts

Submitted by Barrett on Fri, 08/19/2016 - 14:53

I've been a regular user of the task-tracker Toodledo and their iOS app for several years now and one limitation that I run into frequently is that the app does not provide a way to create multiple tasks in a single entry.

By combining the Drafts and Workflow apps, however, it's possible to work around that. You can see the workflow I set up (and import it to your own Workflow instance) at:

First, in Toodledo’s web application, enable email importing for your account (see the help page at  Then in the Workflow app create a workflow which splits input on the new line character and for each input line sends an email to your secret Toodledo import address using the input line as the subject line of the email.Then import that work flow into the Drafts app using the Add to Drafts option in workflow’s settings.

Worklow app settings page showing Add to Drafts option

Worklow app settings page showing Add to Drafts option.

Once this is all set up, when you want to create a set of tasks in Toodledo from your iOS device, simply create a new draft with each task on a separate line and using the standard email import notation in Toodledo to set priority, the folder, star the task, etc.

The end result is that a Draft with content of

Test task creation
Test task creation with stars *
Test task creation with priority !!!

Will result in tasks in Toodledo like in this screenshot:

List of created tasks in Toodledo iOS app

List of created tasks in Toodledo iOS app


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